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Coupistsimposed the war on us, says PM

Prime Minister Ahmed bin-Daghr Ahmed bin-Daghr said the Houthi “coupists imposed the war on us and are therefore the cause of all what is happening in the country.” 

In a meeting with the provincial authority of Dhale’a held in Aden on Sunday, bin-Daghrpraised the people of Dhale’a for their heroic performances against the Houthi invaders saying Dhale’a is “an impregnable barrier” that protects the temporary capital Aden.

“Aden’s protection begins from Dhale’a, rather begins in Marran,” he said referring by Marran to the Houthi leader Abdul-Malik’s hometown in Saadah.

“Everyone is in an open and comprehensive confrontation with the Houthi terrorist militia,” he said. 

With Dhale’a officials, he also addressed the needs of Dlahe’a province promising that the government would place special emphasis to the province during 2018. Several projects will be launched to improve the quality of life for its people. 

He ordered a YR 120 million funds for the maintenance of Qaatabah-NaqeelAdhale’a highway. He also directed the government to provide the local schools there with 2000 chairs and YR 20 million for an association that caters to the disabled.

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