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Yemen’s Cabinet discuss economic challenges, tightening security

The Ministers Council discussed on Wednesday economic challenges, which include deteriorating the price of Yemeni Rial before US dollar and measures for stopping this deterioration.

The council attributed this deterioration to buying oil revenues and playing with the price of money exchange by exchange companies.

Headed by Prime Minister Ahmad Obeid bin-Daghr, the ministers listened to a report by the Central Bank of Yemen on reasons of the drop out of the Rial and practical solutions for limiting the increasingly fall down of the price over increasing demand for foreign currency.

The Cabinet discussed measures made by the committee formed by the President of the Republic for coordination with Saudi officials for providing Aden electricity with fuel and supplying the Central Bank with Saudi USD 2 billion deposit.

Discussing Houthi militia’s violations and aggressions against people in their held-areas, the cabinet stressed on providing humanitarian aid to displaced people and easing measures of their entrance to all liberated provinces.

The ministers stressed also on tightening security and stability, activating intelligence organizations and unifying all security units under the ministry of interior in the framework of the institutional operation.

Fighting terrorist elements and monitoring all suspected movements, were also highlighted.

The council warned that it will not allow to any group to violate freedom of any citizen and treating citizens on sectarian, regional or partisan bases.

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