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The Project of Reinstating Politics

Marwan Al-Ghafory

A new proposal by Bin Dagher was presented through the Middle East newspaper, concerning lifting international sanctions on Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh, within the project of reinstating the General People Congress (GPC) as a party.

In my opinion, it’s an extremely important notion. The man spoke about a full project to re-integrate the GPC into the political legitimacy, to which Saleh’s son is supposed to act constructively in this regard. Somehow, each idea will contribute to rescue politics, which is a good idea. Politics by itself may include war. In particular, we observe that the state is fading and taking the absolute form of ”circle immigration” in a neighborhood of Saudi Arabia.

Saving ”Ahmed” within the project of reinstating politics is totally different than saving Ahmed for the plan to create more armies under the state. The first notion which was presented by Bin Dagher is an important idea. Yemen, turned apart by war, is not in need of the second notion.

We have a dire need to reinstate the fragile state, which can be a basis to build on in the future. Involving more Yemenis in restoring ”the fragile state” could be the one possibility right now.

The war has taught us that if Yemen is not for everyone, it may not be for anyone. Also, we have learned from the Hashemite warriors sin, that the only way that might lead to honor is competence and merit, and any theory or idea about ruling that does not depend on justice, equality, and creative diversity, is simply a bad idea.

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