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President praises US help in addressing coup & terrorism challenges

President Abdu R. Mansour Hadi has praised the US administration’s support for Yemen’s unity and for countering the challenges of coup d’état, extremism and terrorism in all its forms.

In a meeting with the US ambassador to Yemen, Matthew H. Tueller in Riyadh on Monday, the President also raised the latest developments and the efforts to draw the general outlines of peace in Yemen.

The President emphasized his keenness to achieve a permanent peace based on the three peace references; the GCC Initiative, the outcomes of the National Dialogue and the UNSC resolution no. 2216.

The US ambassador renewed his country’s commitment to Yemen’s constitutional legitimacy with a view to realizing the deserved peace for the Yemeni people.

He praised the Yemeni government’s continuous positive reaction toward peace brokering bids.

The meeting also discussed the cooperation efforts for countering extremism and terrorism.

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