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Atiya: No accidents reported this Hajj season among pilgrims


Minister of Endowments Ahmed Atiyatold Saba that the transportation of the Yemeni pilgrims and their rite of ascension to Arafat hill in Mecca for this year’s Hajj has come to an end with no accidents reported.

Around 2.3 million Muslims are performing the Hajj pilgrimage this year.

Previously accidents of stampede or fire would happen and cause casualties. This year the Hajj has been going smoothly and safely.

Atiya said a panel of 16 persons have been assigned to evaluate the performance of travel agencies that provided Hajj related services to Yemeni pilgrims.

Based on the evaluation report, the agencies that underperformed or failed to improve the quality of their services will be held to account.

Atiya expressed his thanks “to everybody who helped make this year’s Hajj season a success.” .

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